Podcast: Learning from success stories in addressing global catastrophic risks

Invited by the Global Challenges Foundation, CIPÓ’s Executive Director, Adriana Abdenur, participated in the podcast “Learning from success stories in addressing global catastrophic risks“. The podcast, released on October 20, 2021, examines how learning from earlier progress can facilitate action today, both on the global environment and on other challenges.

The podcast, presented by Jens Orback, Executive Director of the Global Challenges Foundation, also included Mats Engström, journalist and former Deputy State Secretary at the Swedish Ministry of the Environment, as well as author of the report Learning from success in addressing global catastrophic risks.

Plataforma CIPÓ
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Plataforma CIPÓ is an independent, women-led policy institute focusing on climate, governance, and peacebuilding in Latin America and the Caribbean and, more generally, the Global South.



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