International Cooperation Mapping

CIPÓ develops and executes stakeholder analysis methodologies in order to map and analyze the main actors involved in a given area of activity, as well as their capabilities and gaps. Based on the data CIPO collects and analyses, as well as the databases it develops, the organisation is able to systematically identify the dynamics and impacts different actors have upon both multiple and interconnected topics including, environmental crime, international cooperation and climate governance. This in turn allows CIPÓ to produce thoroughly researched and in-depth publications for broader consumption and analysis.

Currently, CIPÓ develops and maintains three main analytical mappings, which combine multiple sources of information and research methodologies, including interviews, focus groups and surveys. These are:

  • A. Brazilian actors combatting and preventing environmental crimes;
  • B. International cooperation concerning environmental crimes in the Amazon;
  • C. International agreements and regimes focussed on the environment and climate change.

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