Networks and Campaigns

CIPÓ believes in collective action and is part of a series of networks and campaigns led by organizations from the Global South and Global North. The principal institutions CIPÓ cooperates with when developing projects, events, publications and other research and advocacy efforts are listed below.


The Changing Environment Coalition

Climate Action Network

Observatório do Clima

Brazil Coalition for Climate, Forests and Agriculture

Global Peoples Forum

Effectiveness of Peace Operations Network (EPON)

Weathering Risk

Urban Violence Research Network (UVRN)

Global Governance Innovation Network (GGIN)

Paris Committee on Capacity-building Network (PCCB)

Southern Voice


Together First

Stop Killer Robots

Young Politicians for the Climate

Chagas do Garimpo

Alliances for Climate Action

World Youth for Climate Justice (WY4CJ)

Amazônia de Pé

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