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Climate Action Network

The Changing Environment coalition is made up of organizations that think about and demand socio-environmental and climate justice in peripheral territories. Follow the Instagram: @oclimaedemudanca

Climate Action Network

CIPÓ is part of the Latin American Climate Action (CANLA), a global network of more than 1,800 civil society organisations in over 130 countries driving collective and sustainable action to fight the climate crisis and to achieve social and racial justice.

Observatório do Clima

CIPÓ is a member of the Climate Observatory, a network of civil society organizations founded in 2002 with the aim of discussing climate change issues in the Brazilian context.

Brazil Coalition for Climate, Forests and Agriculture

CIPÓ is part of the ‘Brazil Coalition for Climate, Forests and Agriculture‘ movement, composed of over 300 representatives from the private sector, finance, academia and civil society. The initiative brings together these different voices in order to boost Brazil’s leadership in a new low-carbon, competitive, responsible and inclusive economy. The coalition works to promote synergies between the agendas of protection, conservation, sustainable use of forests, agriculture and adaptation to climate change.

Effectiveness of Peace Operations Network (EPON)

CIPÓ is part of the Effectiveness of Peace Operations Network – EPON a network of over 40 civil society organizations that carry out joint research into the effectiveness of peace operations and, more broadly, contemporary conflict management around the world. EPON carries out field work and desk research to develop and publish reports and articles peacekeeping, special political missions, and peacebuilding in conflict-affected contexts.

Weathering Risk

CIPÓ is part, through its Executive Director, Adriana Erthal Abdenur, of the Strategic Advisory Council of the Weathering Risk Initiative, launched by the German Foreign Office, Adelphi and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). The objective of the initiative is to consolidate the existing knowledge about the impacts of climate change on international security, allowing to identify ways to deal with climate security risks around the globe.

Urban Violence Research Network (UVRN)

CIPÓ’s co-founders, Adriana Erthal Abdenur and Maiara Folly, are members of the Urban Violence Research Network (UVRN), an interdisciplinary, global research network of scholars and public sector researchers working on urban violence. UVRN’s overall goal is to connect researchers, organise workshops, create collaboration opportunities among network members, and increase the visibility of members’ work

Global Governance Innovation Network (GGIN)

Plataforma CIPÓ, alongside the Stimson Center, the Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS) and the University of Leiden, leads the Global Governance Innovation Network (GGIN), which brings together scholars and practitioners from the Global South and North, alongside established experts and UN Mission Representatives, to address fundamental global governance challenges, threats, and opportunities. Specifically, the network focuses on the following thematic areas: Post-COVID Recovery and the Future of Global Economic & Social Governance; Rethinking the UN’s Approach to Peace & Security and Humanitarian Action; Strengthening Rules-Based Governance, Human Rights & Inclusive Governance; Climate Governance: The Paris Agreement & Beyond.

Paris Committee on Capacity-building Network (PCCB)

Plataforma CIPÓ is a member of the Paris Committee on Capacity-building Network (PCCB), which brings together stakeholders engaged in climate-related capacity-building to foster the exchange of knowledge and good practices with the goal of enhancing coherence and coordination in capacity-building efforts for climate action, under the umbrella of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and including the Paris Agreement.

Southern Voice

CIPÓ is part of Southern Voice, an open platform for think tanks designed to contribute to the global dialogue on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The mission of Southern Voice is to address the existing ‘knowledge asymmetry’ and ‘participation deficit’ in the dialogue on development. Southern Voice does this by producing, promoting, and disseminating evidence-based policy analysis by researchers from Global South countries.


Together First

CIPÓ is a member of Together First, a growing movement of global citizens, experts, practitioners, civil society activists and business leaders from all regions of the world who are committed to making the best ideas for global governance a reality. Through Together First and its work on the UN system, CIPÓ works to identify and propose ways to face contemporary global challenges and risks and to mobilize individuals, NGOs, governments and companies to implement effective responses.

Stop Killer Robots

CIPÓ is a member of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, which aims to prohibit the development and use of lethal autonomous weapons, capable of selecting and engaging targets without human supervision. Fully autonomous weapons cannot be held legally responsible for murders and human rights violations committed through their use. In addition, governments will be able to start wars more easily if they can replace troops with weapons that act autonomously. In addition, governments will be able to start wars more easily if they can replace troops with weapons that act autonomously.

Young Politicians for the Climate

Chagas do Garimpo

CIPÓ endorses the initiative ‘Young Politicians for the Climate’, a non-partisan climate manifesto, collectively developed by young leaders and experts engaged with the climate agenda. The manifesto proposes a reflection and a call for action in light of the unsustainable development models adopted by cities across Brazil over the last decades. The initiative also seeks to reinforce youth commitment to the development of public policies aimed at making Brazilian municipalities more resilient, fair and equal.

CIPÓ is a member of the Chagas do Garimpo campaign, which aims to build a collective effort against illegal mining. The campaign works to build political momentum to develop mechanisms to protect traditional communities, as well as encourage activities aimed at both protecting the Amazon biome and ensuring the well-being of local populations. Through the campaign, CIPÓ seeks to help increase opposition against mining in indigenous lands, demonstrating how harmful the activity can be for the health, safety and social equality of local populations.

Alliances for Climate Action

CIPÓ is a member of Alliances for Climate Action (ACA Brazil), a network dedicated to driving ambitious climate action, increasing public support for addressing the climate crisis, and engaging national governments to decarbonize faster. The alliance brings together nearly every sector of society – state, local and regional governments; companies and investors; academic and cultural institutions; indigenous organizations and religious communities; health institutions and civil society. 


World Youth for Climate Justice (WY4CJ)

Plataforma CIPÓ is part of the World Youth for Climate Justice (WY4CJ) global campaign, which seeks to ensure an Advisory Opinion from the International Court of Justice regarding the obligations of countries in relation to climate change and its impacts on human rights. The Brazilian front of the campaign was born from the urgency of taking a stand against the policies and industries that are aggravating the country’s environmental crisis.

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