Fenxi 分析: China in Latin America and the Caribbean

Image: Macau Photo Agency on Unsplash

The strategic goal of the Fenxi (“analysis” in Mandarin) program is to provide evidence-based analysis of Chinese trade and investments in Latin America and the Caribbean, including in the Amazon and the Cerrado, as a basis for policy recommendations and capacity-building.

The program has two main objectives: 

  1. CIPÓ monitors and analyzes China’s changing role in the climate field and related areas, tracking its positions on issues such as biodiversity, climate change, green transition, forest management and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) — and their intersection with geopolitics. CIPÓ engages Brazilian, Chinese and third-country experts so as to anticipate policy actions and identify entry points for advocacy in those areas.

  2. CIPÓ analyzes Chinese infrastructure projects and trade and investment patterns with Brazil and, more broadly, Latin America, especially from a climate, socio-environmental and sustainability angle. The goal is to assess and help reduce the socio-environmental impacts of such endeavors, as well as  raise awareness and capacity-building among affected communities.

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