CIPÓ Launches Policy Brief on the G20’s Role in Global Climate Action

On July 3rd in Rio de Janeiro, during the T20 Brasil Midterm, Plataforma CIPÓ will launch the policy brief “From Commitments to Results: Strengthening the G20’s Role in Promoting Global Climate Action.” Authored by Alessandra Beber Castilho, Maiara Folly, Marianna Albuquerque, and Beatriz Mattos, the publication examines the G20’s engagement with climate issues since 2008. It analyzes the incorporation of climate topics in the group’s leaders’ declarations and the work of three climate-focused working groups: the Sustainable Finance Working Group (SFWG), the Environment and Climate Sustainability Working Group (ECSWG), and the Energy Transitions Working Group (ETWG).

The 26-page document, written in English, is structured into several sections, including an executive summary, a historical introduction to the G20’s climate commitments, and detailed analyses of the mentioned working groups. The main goal is to identify advancements and gaps in the bloc’s ability to promote effective climate actions.

The policy brief concludes with recommendations on how the G20 can enhance the effectiveness, coordination, and accountability of its climate initiatives. Among other measures, it proposes the creation of a permanent climate action body within the G20 and the alignment of the group’s climate agenda with the priorities of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

The launch comes at a critical time, as the G20, a group of countries responsible for 80% of global greenhouse gas emissions, plays an essential role in coordinating global responses to the climate crisis. The publication aims to provide support for the Brazilian G20 presidency to strengthen multilateral efforts in combating climate change and promoting sustainable development, in line with the theme “Building a Fair World and a Sustainable Planet.”

Plataforma CIPÓ
Plataforma CIPÓ
Plataforma CIPÓ is an independent, women-led policy institute focusing on climate, governance, and peacebuilding in Latin America and the Caribbean and, more generally, the Global South.



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