CIPÓ takes part in Stockholm Peace Forum panel on data and technology for Conflict Early Warning

CIPÓ took part in the 2021 Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development, as part of the session “Friend or Foe? – Emerging technologies and conflict early warning in the age of compound risk, organized by the NYU Center on International Cooperation (NYU-CIC).

The goal of the panel was to discuss the opportunities and threats associated with emerging technologies and data-driven approaches for conflict early warning and action in the age of compound risk. In particular, what risks emanate from biased, incomplete or low-quality data? What other ethical challenges are linked to merging data-driven methodologies, peacebuilding and prevention?

CIPÓ’s Executive Director, Adriana Erthal Abdenur, presented on our ongoing work on data collection and analysis for climate and environmental degradation, especially within the context of the Amazon basin. Other Participants included: Paige Arthur (host and moderator), Deputy Director, NYU Center on International Cooperation; Chris Mahony, CEO and Co-Founder, Peloria; Dan Henebery, Director of Data and Analytics, Hala Systems; and Branka Panic, Founder of AI for Peace.

Plataforma CIPÓ
Plataforma CIPÓ is an independent, women-led policy institute focusing on climate, governance, and peacebuilding in Latin America and the Caribbean and, more generally, the Global South.



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