Honouring climate commitments: CIPÓ at the Brazil-UK Conversa (Canning House)

On 8 June 2022, CIPÓ took part in the 2022 edition of the UK-Brazil Conversa, which was held in Rio de Janeiro. The Conversa is a dialogue between policy makers and influencers, business leaders, academics, diplomats and governments, to help build closer relations and contacts between Brazil and the UK.

As part of the panel “Top-down, bottom-up, or both? Different approaches to honouring climate commitments in Brazil and the UK,” CIPÓ Executive Director Adriana Abdenur spoke on how to boost Brazil-UK cooperation on cleaning up forest commodity chains and building better global governance to address forest issues, including through CIPÓ’s Responsibility Chains Initiative.

The panel also included Fiona Clouder, Director of ClouderVista and former UK Ambassador to Chile, and Alan Charlton, Deputy Chair of Canning House, Founder of Conversa and former British Ambassador to Brazil.



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