In Pública, CIPÓ analyzes the results of the Amazon Summit

Plataforma CIPÓ’s Executive Director, Maiara Folly, was one of the experts interviewed in the article “Amazonian countries agree to prevent forest collapse, but disagree on how to do it,” by Agência Pública. The text discusses the “Belém Declaration,” the outcome of the Amazon Heads of State Summit.

According to Folly, one of the key issues agreed upon in Belém relates to the need to strengthen the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO). “There is a recognition that there’s no unilateral solution for the Amazon. Even if Brazil manages to fulfill its promise of zeroing deforestation by 2030, unless the other countries in the basin do the same, it won’t be possible to prevent the Amazon from reaching a tipping point,” she argues.

“And ACTO is the only international organization that brings together Amazonian countries with the aim of promoting the sustainable development of the region. Therefore, its revitalization is essential to address the urgency of saving the Amazon biome, a process that needs to be led by the countries of the region themselves,” Folly states.

Plataforma CIPÓ
Plataforma CIPÓ
Plataforma CIPÓ is an independent, women-led policy institute focusing on climate, governance, and peacebuilding in Latin America and the Caribbean and, more generally, the Global South.



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