International Peace and Security

Photo: UN Women/Ryan Brown

The strategic goal of the International Peace and Security Program is to research and promote public debates, especially in the Global South, of current and emerging risks to international peace and security, and to foster preventive approaches at the global level that take into account the perceptions, experiences, and demands of Global South actors.

The program has two specific objectives:

  1. CIPÓ analyzes and monitors the work of the United Nations against the backdrop of changing geopolitics, so as to provide inputs from the Global South on use of force, including via peace operations, but also its links to peaceful alternatives, especially peacebuilding, mediation and conflict prevention. CIPÓ also develops methodologies for localizing climate and security/peacebuilding and for addressing transnational organized crime.

  2. CIPÓ works on conflict prevention and disarmament, collaborating with civil society organizations globally and, in particular, in Latin America to track emerging risks, including those related to emerging technologies and the potential development and use of lethal autonomous weapons (“killer robots”). CIPÓ also provides qualified information to help pressure decision-makers to regulate and establish limits to such weapons.

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